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Laser Hair Removal

A Non Crystal Diode Laser Tech

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AresLite Laser Hair Removal, New-Tech of Non-Crystal Laser Hair Removal using the world’s leading optical LIMO brand Fast Axis Collimation Free-surface micro-optical technology micro-optical technology, short distance beams are quickly focused, and the energy density is higher under the same pulse width, achieving high peak power and narrow pulse width hair removal, greatly improving the hair removal effect and experience. 

+ Use FAC Technology to get 99% energy transfer efficiency
+ Able to destroy strong stubborn hair
+ Skin tone auto detection
+ More accuracte aimming hair forcile in all ki
nd of skin colour
+ More faster results
+ 0% Pain or any discomfort
+ Can do in sensitive skin & area
+ Super speed laser beam shot
+ Fast & Short treatment time

Enjoy 100% Hair Reduction with A Price As Low As RM 60 Per Session

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