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Smooth Skin

Relaxing Facial Treatment

Everyone loves a good facial treatment!

No matter you looking for a relaxing facial treatment to spend on your day-off or enjoy the benefits of facial treatment on rejuvenate your skin, we are here!

We are trained with a skillful hands & professional skin care knowledge! All you need is sit back and relax and your skin will appear glowing, refreshed, and rejuvenated afterwards! 


6 in 1 Refreshing Skin Facial Treatment

Help you clean up all the dirt's stuck inside your skin that you not able to clean it out, such as deep blackhead, whitehead, excess oils, keep your skin & pores fresh and clean, avoid acne breakout and cause inflammation. Besides, it also included Low intensive Radio Frequency & Ultra Sound to help rejuvenate your skin collagen, improve the blood flows, achieve a tighter and firmer skin elasticity. Is a facial treatment that lets your skin breath again, revitalizes you in and out!

Price: RM 199 / Per Session

Time: 90Mins


Carbon Pico Skin Whitening

A Soft Laser Skin Toning Treatment, using a soft power laser to resurfacing your skin, remove these melanin under the first layer of your skin, brighten and whitenen your skin tone colour, treat dull skin or uneven skin toner colour.

Price: RM 99 / Per Session

Time: 60Mins


CO2 Bubble Oxygenate Facial Treatment

CO2 Oxygenate Facial Treatment provide three effective facial steps with Exfoliate, Oxygenate and Radio Frequency. For Exfoliate, we will use skin rejuvenate gently burst on the skin’s surface to remove upper skin layer dead cells, smoothen and renew the skin. Next, Oxygenation process occurs that naturally triggers the body and carries oxygen to the surface of the skin. The increase of oxygen on the surface helps to increase skin absorption of active ingredients. Lastly, Radio Frequency will heats up the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastic fibers. Oxygenate Facial help to improves skin tone and texture, provides the skin for optimal absorption, rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, firmed and tighten the skin. Is a facial treatment that will give a radiant and glowing look!

Price: RM 199 / Per Session

Time: 90Mins

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